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Why do I need Web Proofing?

At least 50,000 websites misspell the word 'experience' : over 40,000 misspell 'excellent' !

Small errors, you might think, but as a serious business person, would you buy a product or service described by its vendor as 'excellant'?   More

Would you, as a potential employer, consider a person who has five years 'experiance' at public 'pressentations'?   More

There are many websites where 'grate' and 'great', 'bare' and  'bear', 'course' and 'coarse' are mixed up. Your spell-checker won't even tell you they're wrong!   More


Maybe English is not your first language - but it is the international language of the web.  More

Typing errors occur every day - perhaps your authoring software lacks a spell-check, or you work directly in HTML? Your errors can go unnoticed, and if they creep into your meta tags, especially vital keywords, they may cost you valuable hits when potential customers use a search engine to locate your product or service.   More

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