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Meta Tags

Meta Tags such as "keywords" help Internet Search Engines find products or services mentioned in your site.

If you don't use them, get hold of freeware such as MetaTag Generator, and include them in your code.

Audley Publications will add Meta Tags for you, if you wish, but we charge 5.00 Sterling per page, so it's an area where you could save by doing it yourself!   More details

If your keywords contain 'course fishing' instead of 'coarse fishing', or 'digatal' instead of 'digital', you might be missing out on valuable hits for our site, and lower or non-existent ranking in the search engines.

Send your pages as detailed here, and Audley Publications will check your Meta Tags of 0.50 per page. Special Rate: if done in conjunction with text proofing, the charge is just 0.30 per page!

 Contact us: mike@audleypublications.co.uk     mail10.gif