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Welcome to Audley Publications!                                   

A self-publishing resource for authors, poets, and songsmiths named after Audley, which is in North Staffordshire, England, on the borders with Cheshire.

You can find out how to self-publish your work and make it into a real bound paper book or  electronic book, for distribution on the Web or CD.  Alternatively, we can do all or some of it for you!  Would you like to publish your work as a spoken book on cd? We can do it for you. Just email for details.

Web page proofing service now available.

Need a ghostwriter? Best rates in town! 

Unsigned band or musician? We can produce and distribute your music on high quality cd complete with packaging at very good rates! Here are the details.

NEW!  NEW! We're really excited here about the latest method to produce your very own books in small numbers. They look just like professional quality volumes and are ideal for home publishers. As always, we encourage you to do it yourself, or we can help out.

Contact us:     Mail to Audley Publications