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Need a ghostwriter? Have a story to tell but don't know how?

Daunted by that great white blank sheet of paper or a blinking cursor?

We have what you need. Why not talk it over with us?

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New! New! New!

Working in conjunction with we can now guarantee your work will be published, whether you want to print 20 copies for your family and friends or 20,000 for the public. This allows us to take a remarkable chance - we will write, or edit, or compile your story, prepare it for publication, handle the internet sales and marketing, and work with you on promotion - for a straight 50/50 split of the sales.

If you sell 1, we get peanuts, so do you. If you sell a million, you gets suitably rewarded, so do we!

  • No upfront fees
  • No minimum print run
  • We decide the sales price together (on top of the lulu charge)
  • Half the profit from each book sold - that's better than the big publishers!
  • You maintain complete control - lulu only print what's ordered so there's no waste

Contact us:   mail10.gif